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Aegis Asset Backed Securities, LLC (AABS)

Capital Preservation through Equity Protection.

Our stated goal with AABS is to Preserve your Capital through Equity Protection and to return a preferred rate of 9%. 

Equity Protection is attained through strict underwriting practices by the AABS fund manager. Loans are chosen for the fund based on a Loan-To-Value ratio which is often more stringent than a bank. The fund manager also oversees the origination and servicing of all loans in the fund, and is in direct contact with the borrower at all times.

The AABS fund manager monitors monthly loan payments and all other contingencies related to each loan in the fund.

AABS is hands on, from Origination to Pay-Off, which means Capital Preservation through Equity Protection for your investment.

By investing in AABS, you partner with us, and as a partner you are vested in all Trust Deeds owned by the fund.

We manage the asset, you earn the return.

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